Joanne Creedon


Life is transient, fleeting and uncertain, the nature of everything, illusory and ephemeral. Nothing in life is permanent and anything and anyone can be lost from it.

Loss can be experienced on many different levels not only through the loss of people from your life. A familiar world can crumble in an instant when taken from you, one that once gave you a sense of meaning and grounding, which formed part of your perceived identity, which, when suddenly gone, can be unsettling, isolating and bring uncertainty. It can also send you on another journey of acceptance, renewed hope and personal growth.

Only through solitude can you truly face yourself, accept death so that you can fully accept life. Learning to lives is as much about learning to let go, all manner of things, what we can’t hold onto and the realization of death helps us to survive life’s hurdles once we can accept this notion. This in turn helps us to live life knowing that it will end one day.

My project is about the surreal landscape of human existence, both perceived and real, and the emotions associated with the stages of grief and sense of loss.