Laura Scholfield



Her ears were filled with whispers,

They trickled down the trees,

They told her she was not worthy,

They told her she was broken.


Her mind was like the fog,

Clouded and unsure,

Her pain hung in the air,

As long as the winter cold


Her breath was warm and soft,

It brought peace into the woods,

Moments of stillness,

The absence of suffering.

When a person experiences emotional trauma, it can have lasting effects. The memories we form during these times are hard to change. It can be challenging to let go of the pain, because it becomes a part of you. It can torment you, and control your life. Worse even, is that to gain new perspective and change the way  we recall these hardships, we have to access them. Hear the sounds, see the actions, and feel the intensity. Healing can be like a whole new trauma of its own. It is made up of progress and regress that can feel like it lasts an eternity.

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