Karina Miriklis

Karina Miriklis was born on April 14th in 1994 in the victorian country town Maryborough and grew up in Melbourne where she currently resides. She recently finished studies for the Art major at the Photography Studies College. Karina discovered her passion for photography whilst using numerous disposable film cameras in her childhood.

Karina enjoys using mixed media, as well as listening to asian pop music and editing alongside the rain. She is happiest discovering artists, new music, and sipping on a cup of tea. She realised her passion for exhibiting her own work after an opportunity arose at the Banyule Art space in 2010.

Karina is currently a student member of the AIPP, as well as an ongoing volunteer with the Centre for Contemporary Photography, and has completed an internship with the Edmund Pearce gallery. Her mentor is Katrin Koenning whom Karina greatly admires for her quiet photographic style and encouraging constructive criticism.


Instagram: http://instagram.com/karinahelen_4/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/karina-miriklis/a2/69a/474

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