Ailsa Fox

Ailsa Fox could be classified as a child of the world, having spent her formative years following her engineer father here and there while he designed telecommunication networks, nowadays Ailsa is very happily settled in Melbourne with her support crew, Charlie, Tuesday and Mocca.

Inspired by raw power, colour, the mundane, art/design and the images of Elliot Erwitt, Martin Par and Ansel Adams, Ailsa has a quirky eye, and her images reflect that. Ailsa loves statement t-shirts and has a collection of over 400 tee’s, that are mostly black.

Ailsa can be a little shy but once its passed she’ll quite happily natter away on topics ranging from cars to the latest news from the scientific world, using this she has a great ability to make people comfortable in photographic situations. When she’s not photographing things, you can find her running around a virtual world rescuing dragons in distress and slaying damsels, who happen to be goblins in drag.

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