Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan is a young emerging photographer, who from the age of 17 discovered her true passion for photography and has only seen the world through a viewfinder ever since.

Raised in a small country town called Dunolly forced her to find a hobby so that there was always something for her to do. At the age of 14 Engineering came into the picture and Amy would spend most lunchtimes on a lathe making something out of nothing. It wasn’t until the age of 17 grew her passion for photography and would then spend her lunchtimes swapping between the engineering room and the art room.

Amy is currently now studying in her 3rd and final year for her Advance Diploma of Photography in the commercial major. When she is not studying she is either visiting the country side, taking photo’s or assisting other photographers and getting involved in their creative journey. Amy plans to continue her studies next year and complete her bachelor of photography.

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