Anthony Basheer

Anthony Basheer is an emerging photographer with a considered, quiet and nostalgic sensibility. He was born in Adelaide in 1969 and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

His images focus on the built environment, interiors and landscape and are generally devoid of people yet having a strong human presence associated to them. One can explore the play of light and complexities of colour and texture in the stillness. Sometimes he may challenge the viewer by introducing a hint of tension popping through a somewhat perfect facade.

Anthony has a distinctive style emerging with a strong sense of design and great attention to detail; he is sensitive to his subject matter with a sound understanding of texture, shape and form. His inspiration comes from painters Jeffrey Smart, Jackson Pollock, Fernand Le?ger and film director Jacques Tati and photographers Stephen Shore, Irwin Olaf, Bill Henson, Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller and Ansel Adams.

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