Chris Hosken

Christopher Hosken was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1984 and grew up in the eastern suburbs. He came from a family that was very interested in music and visual art. He fell in love with the guitar at an early age and he was very inspired with world music which led him to play in various bands. During this period when Christopher was experimenting with music he was also drawn to the beauty of natural environment which influenced a lot of his pieces. He was very aware of the mood and emotive power that the natural environment can evoke and was interested in capturing this energy within a different format which led him to buy his first ever camera when he was 23.

After falling in love with this new medium, Chris decided to attend Photography Studies College to perfect his craft. He graduated in 2014 in commercial photography. During this period Chris won various awards for his landscape photography.

Christopher’s work focuses on the beauty of the natural shape and form, his landscapes instill a certain presence and stillness often very dark and melancholic. He shoots from a first person perspective which forces the viewer to step into the landscape to have that intimate connection with their natural surroundings so they can experience the landscape physically and emotionally. When you enter his spaces you can feel the texture of natural objects, you can sense the presence, mood of being in this space. Christopher has traveled many places around the world taking nature photography and will always be on a journey find sublime natural beauty.

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