Darcee Smith

Darcee is a country boy who was always destined for the big smoke. He first found his love for Photography in High School, when he chose it as an elective as he always had an artistic flare. After endless amounts of time in the darkroom he knew he had a knack for image making, After graduating Year 10 he moved to Mildura Senior College and chose to take photography as a subject yet again along with visual communication, art and media.

Following an art trip to Melbourne visiting PSC (Photography Studies College) he then knew Photography was what he wanted to pursue after finishing year 12. Darcee applied to attend his dream college and was shortly accepted. During his time at Photography Studies College, Darcee's photography work excelled. Using his knowledge and skills he produced work that were visually pleasing and up with industry standard.

Email: darcee­-24@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarceeSmithPhotography

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