David Harris

Born and raised in Broken Hill, I first became interested in film after a visit to the set of Mad Max II, which was being shot in the area. I studied photography at school and covered sporting events for the school magazine so that I did not have to partake in the actual sport. My first camera was a Voigtländer II that belonged to my father.

After shooting for various street press weddings and online music publications, I decided to take a break and start some more formal photography study.

I have had over 50 galleries published and have recently rediscovered by passion for writing after being asked to put some words to my photos for Mova Fitness magazine.

In 2012 I traveled to the Philippines to cover an NGO as they distributed food and clothing to some of the country’s poorest that had been affected by one of the many typhoons that drops in during the monsoon season. I spent several weeks traveling and

photographing food drops and clothing handouts in villages that are seldom visited by foreigners.

Personal projects include;

Crap Holidays - an ongoing series visiting alleged tourist attractions in regional Australian towns. Highlights so far include Adelaide – The City that never opens, and Nutimuk – Closed for Business.

Night photography featuring Huts and shelters in Victoria’s Alpine region.

Before and after shots of fitness models prepping for competitions Thai Kickboxing
Amateur car racing

My major project this year is victims of cycling accidents. Cyclists and motorists need to learn to live on the roads together. Unfortunately a minor bump that leaves a scratch on a car can leave a cyclist fighting for their lives. I am documenting the aftermath of these accidents, the psychological and financial trauma that remains long after the scars have healed.

I draw inspiration from the people around me. I am amused by the mundane and I am always able to find a humorous side to most situations.

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