Emily Holt

Emily Holt is an aspiring photojournalist born in Melbourne, 1990. Having always had an interest and curiosity about photography ever since picking up her dads old bulky digital camera when she was 9, Emily took up a photography subject option in year eleven and discovered a love for the darkroom and image making.

After spending the year after graduating from high school overseas Emily returned to Melbourne, purchased her first realcamera and enrolled in the part time course at PSC.

The last four years at PSC have both helped Emily refine her unique personal style. A self-proclaimed night owl her images are often taken at night, drawing on available light to create strong mood and atmosphere. She has a passion for people, always fascinated and drawn to peoplesstories. Her dream is to use her image making to help people do exactly that, to share and tell their stories and help give them a voice.

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