Emma Larkin

Considerable experience as a school photographer has allowed me to focus on photos of children in a range of settings as various as sport, the performing arts and spontaneous, casual images around the school, both in classrooms and the school yard.

I also have experience with architectural photography. As the in-house photographer at a school whose buildings has won numerous architectural awards, my images of these buildings have captured the creativity inherent in their design.

Still-life photography is another area that I embrace. The use of repetition, a variant of the style of American icon Andy Warhol has allowed me to explore images without the constraint of specific realism.

I can work in numerous formats, from the realistic to the abstract, and bring new and varied interpretations to these areas. Ultimately, photography is about the universal quality of the image. I understand this challenge and create images that provide the visual stimulation that is central to effective photography.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/emma-larkin/a2/130/2b1

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