Gabriella Sarnataro

Gabriella Sarnataro is an Italian conceptual visual artist. Gabriella grew up in Naples and Rome and lived for two years in London before moving to Melbourne in 2005, where she now lives with her family.

Gabriella’s photography includes both street photography and intimacy photography. Her approach in both areas started as quite documentary, cinematographic, and very instinctive. The subject and viewer in her images become very personal. Her observation of relationships and gestures within her images give narrative and autobiographical nature that make her images quite compelling in both intimacy and street photography. Gabriella wanted to include moments of her life that otherwise would be missed forever because they belong to daily situations we don’t particularly think of as special events.

Gabriella completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Photography Studies College, exploring further her interest in intimacy photography and starting a new approach to her images, one that is more controlled but still gives a sense of a private moment.

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