Jessica Shephard

Born in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia in 1992. She has spent the last few years in Geelong (south west of Melbourne), but currently resides back on the Mornington Peninsula.

Jess’ work is based around people; portraits of families and children, couples, weddings and pets. Her work is not staged, it is ‘of the moment’ and feels as if you are secretly observing the subjects. Viewing pictures in this way gives a sense of happiness and the feeling of freedom. 
Jess has worked alongside and been mentored by photographers such as Glenn McCullough, Kim Tonelli and Geoff Dyke, and has been studying for the last 5 years at Photography Studies College in Melbourne. She works full time, but shoots at every given spare moment or day she has available.

Jess is a member of the AIPP, and won an in-store Canon promotion where her work was displayed public around the city of Geelong.

Jess developed a passion of photography during her art class in high school. After school, she met a make up artist who helped her develop a love of photographing people. From there she enrolled at PSC and has been a student there ever since. There is something wonderful about being able to capture a certain moment, that goes by too quick for the human eye to realise. That there, is what she wants. That unspoken conversation, the intrigue in ones eye, the utter love and devotion.

She is inspired by photographers such as Barb Uil from Jinky Art for her imagination and carefree images, the Blissful Maven for her dreamy and passionate images, and Eugene Tan for his passion for his work and his beautiful landscape images. 

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