Kylie Thomson

Kylie is a Melbourne based Photographer / Videographer, her ability of being able to set the scene is one of her many talents; she brings to life moments in time and emotions through lyrical and poetic story
telling. She strives to captivate her viewers, so they explore each narrative with curiosity and intrigue, sparking emotions, memories and appreciation.

She has been delving deeper into the world of videography and cinematography, with her most recent exhibition at Southgate for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Creating everything from fashion videos to wedding videos, she has developed an eye for the moving image and with the training developed from her photography; her films are cinematic, striking and emotive.

Kylie is currently in her final year of study at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, and working on expanding her portfolio through freelancing to clients both nationally and internationally. As well as continuing to challenge and explore new and creative ways to express her ideas through her image making and cinematography.

She has previously exhibited at Brunswick Street Gallery and has recently had her Editorial work published in Golf Digest and Hitched Magazine.

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