Madison Saylor

Madison Saylor is a young photographer, born in 1992 and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Madison is currently completely her final year of an advance diploma in photography at the Photography Studies College in Southbank, Melbourne, with a major of commercial photography.

Her passion for photography grew from her earlier life. Being brought up with photography all around her. She was constantly being inspired by the way film could capture a single moment in time that would never be repeated again – the notion of being able to capture history with a click of a button amazed her.

Having completed her VCE studies at McKinnon Secondary College, McKinnon, she went on and started an advanced diploma in photography course at The Photography Studies College. This is where she found her passion for commercial photography and working with people. Although her work is not as refined and some of her other classmates she has plenty of years to learn and adapt to an ever changing commercial industry.

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