Marisha Dudek

Marisha Dudek is hitting the photography world with her unique photos that reflects her own style, an emerging photographer based in what she calls “one of the artistic states” of Melbourne she is combining her artistic style in the mix of image capturing.

Marisha is inspired by everything in her “CRAZY” life and nothing ever seems to shock her, in fact she embraces it.

Marisha is inspired particulally by her family, her younger twin sisters who live the carnival life of circus and you ca only imagine what feeds her mind to creative beautiful portraits and some conceptional forms of photography.

Being surrounded by all different cultures and communities you can only imagine the breathtaking events she attends, they’re the ones that we only dream of.

Oozing with confidence she is able to slot into communities and with her camera attached to her like a limb ,away she goes documenting the event in time.

A strong believer in giving the time to listen is something that she cherishes more and gives her that something extra special when she captures it in her frame.


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