Matthew Sposaro

Matthew Sposaro is a Commercial and Art photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has always had a strong passion toward photography by being able to express and explore himself through his medium. Matthew began his dream to explore photography after High school in 2010. He set his sights on a future in the photography world by applying to study at Photography Studies College in 2011.

Matthews imagery really represents himself. He is constantly changing and you can see it with what he photographs. He is constantly on then hunt looking for something new to photograph and on to the next project before the first one has ended.

After four years of being at PSC Matthew has grown in his methods and applications of Photography and thus far having built enough knowledge to leap out into the industry from being able to pursue his ever evolving style through constant exploration and trial and error. A significant amount of maturity has been displayed with Matthews photography over the time he has been photographing and will only continue with experience.

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