Odette Maillard

Odette was born and grew up on a dairy farm in a little village in Switzerland. She is now a fine art photographer living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

A taste for adventure brought Odette to Australia and she immediately fell in love with her new environment. Living far from her village, departures and distance became part of her life, which made Odette acutely aware of the changes with time. Odette uses photography to explore the brevity of life and the passing of time. Both themes are a reflection on mortality.

Odette’s photography also explores the relationship between the human and the natural environment in cities, and she is most observant and acutely aware of the tensions between the two.

Photography enables Odette to communicate her deep concerns and feelings. She prefers to express herself through meditative and poetic images leaving the viewer space to fill in his or her own narrative.

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