Creative Photoshop Skills

Creative Photoshop Skills

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Course commencement dates:

June 2018

This course runs for 12 weeks.  If you have a start date preference other than the next immediate date, please email our staff at with your chosen option.

Why are these skills so important?

Photography is a holistic process that combines the skills of image capture with those of postproduction image editing.

Editing an image is how photographers have historically been able to ‘tell their story’ and express their emotions. Increasing your postproduction skills with Photoshop will enable you to express your own unique vision of the world we live in.

Hear more about this course from Asia Pacific Adobe Ambassador Mark Galer:

In this course you will learn how to:

  • transform a simple snapshot into a professional quality folio photograph using some simple camera settings and a professional post-production workflow.
  • develop images to communicate a ‘sense of place’ and express your vision.
  • ‘double-process’ a Raw file and combine the two versions in the main editing space of Photoshop using layers and layer masks. Double processing a raw file will extend the visual possibilities so that you can optimise both the highlights and shadows of the Raw file without compromise.
  • capture a portrait image with the optimum background tone so that you can quickly composite this image with a new background with the minimum of fuss. Photoshop’s blend modes play an important part in this technique and the ability to composite models with long flowing hair is the 'holy grail' of compositing techniques.
  • preserve the shadow of an object and transplant it to a new location to create a realistic composite image.
  • create a fixed position composite image from multiple images, modifying the content and/or lighting in each image allowing you to extend your creativity to illustrate complex ideas.
  • inject drama in a flatly lit image to extend your ability to create stylised signature grading treatments. This technique also introduces, what is perhaps, the most significant new feature to be found in Photoshop CC – The Camera Raw Filter.
  • colour grade an image by carefully controlling the colour palette to emulate analogue photography. These skills will enable you to convey a particular mood or feeling to your viewer. Many of the colour grading techniques emulate old film or film intentionally processed in the wrong chemicals (cross-processing). Some of the techniques, however, are purely digital and seek to limit or restrict the colour palette to create a signature style for your images. You will learn how to remove the clean and clinical nature of digital files.

Course Requirements

You will require access to an interchangeable lens camera or a compact camera that is capable of capturing images in the RAW format. Access to Photoshop is essential. 

Using the comprehensive support materials (supplied video tutorials, production guidelines and PDF book chapters) you will be able to complete each task, then upload your files to the online classroom for assessment and feedback from you tutor. You may chat to your fellow classmates and your tutor via the discussion groups and if you desire you may showcase your images on the course’s Flickr group.

If you have questions not covered here, please contact our staff at to discuss.

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