Raquel Betiz


Spot is a project which started at various airport viewing areas around Victoria. These are strange places, found somewhere between everyday life and escape. These are places where, for the briefest moment, people can leave their worries behind and watch planes arriving and departing for global destinations.

The Spot is often used as a rest stop for people on the move, a place for dedicated enthusiasts to spend their day, or it can simply be a place to dream. There is a communal sense of wonder, enjoyment, leisure and family time, that not only is experienced at viewing areas, but also in places such as aviation museums and airshows. 

The physical act of watching is like a choreographed performance; a slow-motion dance where people stop, look, and twist their bodies in a unified movement.

Spot looks to people’s connection with viewing areas, it’s common links with the airport, such as travel, transition and time, and how the plane can manifest feelings of adventure and escapism.

Website: www.raquelbetiz.com

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