Rose Ayliffe

Rose Ayliffe is a freelance photographer based in Melbourne. With a background in fashion design and gallery curation she decided that her creative energy would be best channeled through photography.

Rose comes from an overly creative family and has always been encouraged to pursue a creative career. After studying Fashion Design at TAFE in Adelaide, Rose spent three years traveling, working and volunteering both in Australia and overseas.

Rose is currently in her third and final year of study at Photography Studies College where she has develpoed a passion for photographing people. Be it fashion, portraiture, weddings or family photography Rose just loves capturing the endless personalities, expressions and quirky features of various people. She has also become fascinated with videography and underwater photography and hopes to continue exploring these genres in her free time. Rose has assisted and been mentored by various inspiring photographers, stylist and artists based in Australia and internationally. She has found that these people have influenced and inspired her greatly and hopes to continue surrounding herself with creative individuals. Over the last two years Rose has established herself as a freelance photographer within both Victoria and South Australia. With plans to live in France for the next three years Rose aims to develop her business and her love of people based photography into a secure and profitable career that she can operate both in Australia and France.

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