Salona Chithiray

Someone once asked me, what do I live for. I can’t remember who it was that asked, but I remember the answer. I thought to myself, what is it that I live for - and landed at the only thing I've enjoyed since I was 5. I thought about all the people I had met in random places. Old, young, different languages, cultural backgrounds, all with stories. All these people I'd met on the train, travelling, chance encounters in unexpected places and most with stories I'll never forget. Those experiences have enriched my life. So, I arrived at the conclusion - that I live to meet and hear peoples stories. It is my goal to tell these stories, whatever they are, through my photography.

My style is mostly photo documentary, bu I also enjoy adding some video, audio and music to the mix. I hope in capturing these moments we see the very essence of what our relationships, interactions and normal everyday life is like with those we love.

It would be a privilege to tell your story. I can't wait to meet you.

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