Samantha Wallace

20 years ago, surrounded by dancers, writers, musicians and most importantly photographers, Samantha Wallace had her passionate and creative flair ignited.

Through roles with Elite Studios, Maxwell Optical Industries and assisting luminaries Liam Lynch, Joseph Koprek and Simon James, Samantha began to develop her own signature style.

Samantha has been inspired by food throughout her career and has explored food photography for a number of clients. From editorial style images to candid images of food and family, Samantha has developed unique artistry inspired by the colour, joy and complexity of food.

Samantha has developed commercial photography for such clients as Chadstone and Northland Shopping Centres and Styled Pretty

who have embraced Samantha’s elegant style in fashion, food and event photography.

A Commercial Major from the Photography Studies College with work awarded at the AIPP Victorian Epson Awards Samantha views photography as classic art. Her work embodies the essence of creativity and inventiveness to create beautiful and exquisite images.

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