Tayebeh Fakhr

Tayebeh Fakhr was born in Tehran and raised in a family who appreciated art. After graduating from university with a Master's Degree of Psychology and Education of kids with special needs, Tayebeh began her career as an Educational Planner and Psychologist in 1998. A few years later migrated to Australia and lived in Victoria's countryside with her husband.  In 2011 moved to Melbourne and focused on photography and started to learn it at the Photography Studies College.

Since then she constantly is exploring new ways to capture and create original new effects and visuals in a digital world. She eagerly continues to push further mastery of light. Her approach to photography is to interpret her subject with refined composition and lighting to achieve more than just a documentation but eventually frame a selective view to represent true feeling of the scene.

She is currently based in Melbourne pursuing her vision for photography. Her greatest passion lies with still-life and food photography, also exploring her personal artistic passion in fine art portrait and travel photography.

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