Tim Henshall

Tim Henshall is a commercial photographer based in Ocean Grove, Australia.

The region around the Bellarine and the Surfcoast are an endless inspiration to him and this often features in his work from portraits to landscapes.

Tim has also worked for the past 20 years working in Outdoor and Environmental education in the greater Geelong an Surfcoast region and spent 7 of those working with people with disabilities which he cites as one of the most powerful life experiences.

Tim is also an active musician, the highpoint recently being a member of the horn section in Dan Sultan’s band from 2009-2011.
And all the while, the camera has been there. From the Kodak Hawkeye to the technology of today, and Tim continues to craft and hone a passion that gives his photos something extra.

The past work with many people has allowed Tim to develop a relaxed yet professional manner allows him to capture something beyond the norm, paricularly in his portraits, the photos tell a story.

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