Yana Barnes

Yana was very fortunate to have three beautiful children and a very supportive husband, Andrew, and it was her desire and passion to capture the moments of their children growing up, that got her interested in photography, this opportunity wasn’t available to Yana when she resided in Thailand. Yana absolutely loves photography and it really shows in her images she is so passionate, you cant help but be drawn in by her enthusiasm. Yana has also had the opportunity to travel extensively and this has introduced a new genre to complement her photography with children and portrait photography. Yana appreciates the two very different cultures from which she has been bought in coming from the land of smiles, Thailand to the diversity of the multicultural city of Melbourne, but the common denominator, family is of the upmost importance, so to be able to capture the moments, is so special and rewarding.

Email: yanabarnes@bigpond.com

Website: www.yanaphotography.com.au


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