We give our students a strong foundation of conceptual and analytic experiences with our high quality curriculum . Gearing them for the competitive industry they will face in the future, we develop their effective technical skills with the best tools in the field. Our range of facilities span over two buildings, equipped with necessary items and resources for students, as well as guests from the community.

The Photography Studies College's campus is acknowledged as having one of the best facilities in any Australian educational institution. As specialists in photography, we maintain superior professional standards with our equipment and spaces, allowing students to be exposed to the real-world experience.



Spanning the ground floor of our campus at 67 City Road, the PSC digital labs are used for classes and for students to edit their images. With digital photography being our prime focus, we provide our emerging photographers to use the best tools in industry.




Equipment and facilities include:
  • Three dedicated digital rooms
  • 61 Intel iMac computers
  • Monitors and projectors calibrated to ICC standards
  • Adobe CC suite
  • Microsoft Office
  • Capture One




One of the best equipped and largest spaces in Melbourne for professional photographers, students at PSC have access to two double-sized photography studios, fitted with modern lighting and Broncolor gear, for producing high quality results for their classes and assignments. Open to those outside the PSC community, our studios offer an opportunity to work alongside emerging and established photographers, with our specialists to guide you.




Equipment and facilities include:
  • 7x6m Cyclorama
  • 6 shooting bays wit computer work stations
  • Make up and dressing space
  • Nikon and Canon camera equipment
  • Broncolor studio lighting gear with accessories
  • Elinchrom studio lighting with accessories
  • Full range of light shapers and modifiers
  • Lighting support equipment
  • Portable Broncolor MOVE, MOBI and Elinchrom BRX and Ranger Quadra outdoor kits





Our Epson ™ Inkjet printers are one of the program’s most in-demand pieces of equipment, and skilled tech staff run prints every weekday offering a comprehensive range of professional paper surfaces, at deeply discounted prices for students. Our printers / workflow are fully calibrated and colour managed to produce archival quality prints of any size!

Other facilities in the department contain higher end scanning on various devices including Flextight scanners, print-viewing areas offering both day light and museum balanced light sources. In addition, print viewing and finishing areas are available where students have unlimited access to these facilities.




Equipment and facilities include:
  • State of the art Pigment Inkjet Printers
  • Wide range of fine art papers
  • Fully ICC colour managend environment
  • High end Film and flatbed scanners
  • Print viewing areas inc 6500 and 3800 light scources
  • Print finishing area
  • Managed by professionals with over 20 years industry experience



The PrintShop opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday: 9am-5pm